Types of Courses with Heli Air Wales

R22 Robinson Training Helicopter

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Trial Lessons with Heli Air Wales

Heli Air Wales is pleased to offer an affordable and fun introductory flight/first lesson to prospective students.

You will be learning to fly in the world’s most popular training helicopter, the Robinson R22. It’s superior performance, outstanding reliability and a safety record is second to none have made the R22 the world’s most popular entry level helicopter for nearly 20 years.

This introduction consists of a 30 min flight during which time the student will be introduced to controlling the aircraft and will actually be “on the controls” most of the time. All flight time does count toward any future licences being sought.

Additionally, the student will have the opportunity to spend a little time with the instructor before and after the flight discussing questions he or she may have about helicopters or the flight.

These trial lessons may be purchased in advance and make an ideal gift.

R22 Robinson 5 hour Starter Package (PPL)

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R22 Helicopter Pilot PPL(H)starter package- 5 hours + Books

This course is the natural progression from a trial lesson !

The course provides you with your CAA Pilot Reference number and your logbook in which you record all your flight time and details of exercises completed. You also get the 2 main books required to begin studying for your first exam, and to supplement and re-enforce your ground schooling.

The Helicopter Pilots Manual, volumes 1&2. Ground school will normally take place prior to each session in the helicopter. Initially you will spend about 30 min each session at the controls of the helicopter, gradually increasing with experience.

At the end of this 5 hour period, you will have a good basic understanding of how to control a helicopter in flight, and you will be beginning to feel a level of control in the hover, although you may not as yet be able to take control of collective, cyclic and yaw pedals at the same time.

The ground schooling will have given you a theoretical understanding of the principles of Helicopter operations.

For some, this level is the end ! another skill gained if not mastered, and lots of fun had along the way. In short, an insight into the world of Helicopters. For others it’s just the beginning. A stepping stone to gaining a full PPL(H) and beyond.

If a full PPL(H) is your goal, then the next step is to purchase more blocks of hour building/training time. The PPL(H) is fully explained in the heading of the same name.

R22 Robinson 10 hour Flight Package (PPL)

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PPL (H) Helicopter Licence

The Course leading to the award of a PPL(H) consist of flight and ground instruction designed so that the pilot-under-training (PUT) is given the experience, the competence in flying and the knowledge of aviation technical matters necessary to pass the flight test and the ground examinations to the standard required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

All our training strictly adheres to the JAA PPL(H) syllabus to ensure high standards of instruction and accountability.

The minimum flying experience required to qualify for the issue of a PPL(H) is 45 flight hours of which 10 hours is solo. For the holder of a PPL(A) the minimum is 39 hours. The student must pass a Skill Test and ground examinations in:

  • Aviation Law and Operational Procedures
  • Aircraft General Knowledge & Principles of Flight
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Radiotelephony

The practical syllabus for gaining the JAA PPL(H) licence is as follows :

  • Familiarisation With The Helicopter
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Preparation For & Action After Flight
  • Air Experience
  • Effects Of The Controls
  • Power & Attitude Changes
  • Straight & Level Flight
  • Climbing
  • Descending
  • Turning
  • Basic Autorotation
  • Hovering
  • Hover Taxiing & Spot Turns
  • Hovering / Taxiing Emergencies
  • Take-Off & Landing
  • Transitions, Hover To Climb etc.
  • Circuits, Approach & Landing
  • Steep Limited Power Approaches
  • Circuit Emergency Procedures
  • First Solo Flight
  • Sideways, Backward Hover Flight Manoeuvring
  • Spot Turns
  • Hover Out Of Ground Effect & Vortex Ring
  • Simulated Engine-Off Landings
  • Advanced Autorotation
  • Practice Forced Landings
  • Steep Turns
  • Precision Transitions
  • Quick Stops
  • Navigation
  • Navigation Hazards Low Level, Low Viz
  • Radio Navigation
  • Advanced Transitions
  • Sloping Ground
  • Limited Power Operations
  • Confined Areas
  • Basic Instrument Flight
Notes for PPl Licence

The flight training and ground instruction are integrated throughout the course and although the groundschool subjects may at first seem daunting, with instruction, guidance and self-study, the examinations will present no great obstacle. At the start of the course you will be allocated your main instructor, however you will occasionally fly with other instructors. This is seen as a positive thing as you will experience different styles. Each instructor will have his or her areas of likes and expertise.

You will graduate as a knowledgeable and competent pilot, although most agree that the real learning begins when you hover off into the wide blue yonder on your own. Your first solo flight is a moment you will never forget!

Flying lessons are scheduled into periods of approximately one hour. Pre-flight and post-flight discussion in the form of ground school will need to be scheduled, and time for the pre-flight check (A check) of the aircraft itself.

All flying is subject to weather. If it is unsuitable we will attempt to contact you, or, if you have doubts, please contact us.